Alternate Name: 
Başıboş Tanrı
Bezdomny bóg
Dieu égaré
Dieu errant
Dio randagio
Dios callejero
El dios errante
Evsiz tanrı
Kóbor Isten
Noragami: Başıboş Tanrı
Noragami: Stray God
Stray God
Streunender Gott
Vị Thần Lang Thang
Бездомний Бог
Бездомный Бог
خدای ولگرد
โนรางามิ เทวดาขาจร
Adachi Toka
Adachi Toka

Description :
Noragami manga is a Japanese manga series by Adachitoka that started serialization in Kodansha's Monthly Shonen Magazine in the issue of January 2011. It is often accumulated in fifteen tankobon volumes by November 2015
As a minor god of calamity, Yato lacks even a shrine to his name. In efforts to eventually become understood, he bills just 5 yen to allow the wishes of Near Shore dwellers- a.k.a. the living. Throughout his assignments, he falls upon Yukine, a roaming spirit whom he names as his weapon to kill corrupted spirits with, and a Near Shore girl named Hiyori Iki whose soul often slips from her body.Noragami Manga

In the border between another and this world, there are other various spirits who help and meddle in the affairs of people, as well as eight million gods, dead spirits who serve the gods. When a youthful middle school pupil named Mutsumi discovers herself intimidated by classmates, she runs to the toilet crying and locates a message and also a telephone number that says, "I solve your troubles." When she phones the number, a rough jersey-wearing boy named Yato appears. After her battle, the regalia of Yato, Tomone, stops and Yato finds himself without a servant.
Reduced so that you can boost cash to construct a shrine to working odd jobs, Yato replies a call to seek out a lad's cat, Milord. Iki Hiyori, while walking along with her pals, sees Yato running before a bus to get the cat that is lost. Pushing him away, the bus hit her and becomes disconnected from her body. Next ordeal, she's in a position to determine begins and dead spirits to disconnect getting a tail that functions as the representation of the link between her body and her soul. She then requests Yato to help her return to her first state.
Yato calls himself a god however he will not answer people's prayers and he is not acknowledged by any one. He one day hopes to truly have a shrine and followers, but right now he just has Yukine his regalia,his other buddy,Hiyori as well as the power to cut at all who pass between this world and also another.
Hiyori Iki is the female protagonist of the Noragami set along with the principal character. After she pushed Yato out of the way of an oncoming bus, she got the skill of astral projection, efficiently empowering her to "drop her body"(called her "insta-snooze" trick by Yama) and become a "Half Phantom". Without understanding it, though she tries to control this skill, she often leaves her body behind.Noragami manga transform to Anime

Kofuku , going by the "trade name" of Ebisu Kofuku , is a god of poverty. Her Shinki is Daikoku. Being a Binbougami -- a god of poverty that's neither enshrined nor actively worshiped but is about as equally called the Seven Gods of Fortune -- she wasn't "born" having a name; "Kofuku" being a name Daikoku gave her. She goes from the cover name "Ebisu Kofuku" so that you can allow it to be look like she's a god of fortune.
Kazuma is among Bishamonten's Shinki. When he's called by his shinki name, "Choki", Kazuma transforms right into a cherry flower-shaped earring together with the capacity to navigate and monitor others. He's a fortunate Regalia.

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Noragami 103.28 Dec 2022
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Noragami 1025 Sep 2022
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