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VRMMO de Summoner Hajimemashita summary:

Okaeri Alice summary:
The manga centers on three shy middle school students: Youhei, Kei, and Yui. All three have been together since kindergarten, and are childhood friends. As Youhei starts to become conscious that Yui is a girl, he witnesses a scene that he can't quite believe.

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A sequel to Remix Heart that ties in what happens to Mai after the events in the manga and bridges the story for her appearance in Blazblue Central Fiction

The Daughter of the Elemental King summary:

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One day, Rose comes to the Arden family, who are poor countryside nobles.
Apple decides to become Rose’s maid to assist her, and takes part in the audition full of conspiracies...

I turned my childhood friend (♂) into a girl summary:
A popular guy that's secretly interested in cosmetics asks to practice makeup on his dull childhood friend and he ends up looking cute?!

I Am Not A Goddess summary:

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Elf Deck To Senjou Gurashi summary:
Our unnamed protagonist is an ordinary high school boy who loves Magic Walker - a super-popular card game. In particular, he loves the Elf Deck: a selection of cards that, while seemingly weak, can be incredibly powerful when played right.