Nega-kun and Posi-chan summary:
An annoying love story about a young man with negative thoughts and a positive thinking woman

Till the Next Time summary:
This is a story of 18 years of a relationship that started from the span through other's time, throughout their youth, going through lies and hatred, and eventually becomes alright by the end of the day.

Tadokoro-san (Tatsubon) summary:

Sorairo no Graffiti summary:
A girl who only brings about misfortune. A boy who has been blessed with nothing but good luck. When those two meet... what will happen?

Senryuu Shoujo summary:

Dawn The Teen Witch summary:
Has anyone ever made fun of your dream?

Description :
Somei Yoshino is a high school girl, born and bred in a yakuza family, but that hasn't stopped her from living a peaceful life - that is, until meeting her fiancé, Miyama Kirishima.

Mimibukuro-san no Chiebukuro summary: