Description :
Part of the Kantai Collection franchise. Serialized in Famitsu. A story about Destroyer Shipgirl Shikinami picking up Jazz.

The Maid Who Can't Hide Her Feelings summary:
A maid who can't completely suppress her feelings for her master.

Hiratsu cute, Shizu cute! summary:
Hiratsuka-sensei not being able to get married is wrong as expected!
Follow the chemistry between Hachiman and Hiratsuka-sensei in this Oregairu doujin by Twitter user @poipoipoita.

Minpou Kaisei - Nihon wa Ipputasaisei ni Natta summary:

My Brother is from Deep Mountain summary:

Description :

Description :

Description :
A boy has become a magical girl, Kazana Kakeru is going to become more feminine to get stronger...

Watashi no Tadashii Onii-chan summary:
[from cotton candy scans]

Watashi no Tomodachi ga Sekaiichi Kawaii summary:
Saionji Koharo is an admirable student council president. A beautiful and flouncy lady that happens to always be followed around by a girl named Mirai.